Community Health Worker Services


 Helping neighbors live their best lives through education, outreach, services, and resources. 


Community Care Cooperative (CCC) provides culturally appropriate outreach, support, and services to our community.  As employee-owners, CCC's community health workers manage the entire project from assessing goals, identifying audiences, developing implementation strategies, creating and executing plans, performing project management, reporting weekly progress, and providing conclusive data analysis and reporting.

Community Health Worker's Role

Community health workers (CHW) provide a wide range of services including outreach, education, care services, and connection to resources that assist community members in improving their health and quality of life.


Through one-on-one interactions or in group sessions that can take place in homes or community settings, CHWs deliver program content alone or as a part of team of clinicians, counselors, and other health professionals.


Our CHWs receive continuing education and on-the-job training. We play a vital and important role in improving health and enhancing health equity in underserved or minority communities.


Some of our roles include but are not limitied to

  • Performing cultural mediation among individuals, communities, and health and social services systems
  • Providing culturally appropriate health Education and information
  • Providing Care coordination, case management, and system navigation
  • Providing coaching and social support
  • Advocating for individuals and communities
  • Building individual and community capacity
  • Providing direct service
  • Implementing individual and community assessments
  • Conducting outreach
  • Participating in evaluation and research